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School History

 Kiryu High School (gKiritakah for short), located in Kiryu City in the east of Gunma prefecture, is a public high school founded in 1917 with the strong desire for educational facilities by the citizens of the day. The total number of the enrolled students this year is 839, and there are 7 classes in each three grades. Each class consists of approximately 40 students. The school was originally a boysf school with only general course until 1998, when the Mathematics and Science course (MS) was added on.
 Since then, girls have been permitted to this MS course. There are now more than 22,000 alumni. The school has two mottos: One is gDokuritsu jisonhiƗj, roughly meaning that one should be mentally independent and proudly pursue onefs own aim. The other is gBunbu ryodohij, meaning that one should seek after both outdoor and academic pursuits.

Dokuritsu Jison

Bunbu Ryodo