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SPECIAL LECTURE BY NASA:Students' Interests Boom into Space (May 30,2012)

 A special lecture assembly was held on May 30th, inviting two distinguished guests from NASA, Ms. Barbara Lockley and Mr. Steve Cain. Ms. Lockley works as a public affairs specialist and Mr. Cain is currently involved in commercial crew programs, such as COTS and CRS, partnering with private corporations.

 The lecture by Mr. Cain was given all in English, dealing with space development history and ISS, the International Space Station.

 米航空宇宙局(NASA)のスペースシャトルに代わる新型ロケット(COTS)の現役開発者であるスティーブン・ケインさんと広報専門官のバーバラ・ロックリーさんが来校してくださいました。  講演は、国際宇宙ステーション(ISS)の現況や最新の宇宙開発事業などについて、全編「英語」で行われました。

 Mr. Cain, who used to be a Space Shuttle engineer, made an effective presentation using pictures, side shows and movies. He told us in detail about the Space Shuttle program, including its history and achievements. The movie on the Shuttle launch was very exciting, together with great sound effect. Another feature was the ISS; we learned that 15 countries including Japan cooperate in making ISS possible.


 After the presentation came a chance to ask Mr. Cain some questions. To a pleasant surprise of the teachers, quite a few of the students put their hands up to give it their best shots in speaking English. The questions included: how is NASA going to bring Curiosity, Mars Science Laboratory, back to Earth? or what is the “mean time” used in ISS?, and so on. Mr. Cain answered each question very kindly, inspiring students' further interests and enthusiasm. He asked the students, in return, if they remembered the names of the 5 Space Shuttles, and had them guess why only 6 people can live onboard the ISS. In closing, Minezaki Shinta, president of the student council gave words of gratitude in English.


 This lecture turned out to be a great success, encouraging a lot of students and leaving them important lessons: some say they've become more interested in space development, and others say they felt the need to study English harder.

 We sincerely thank Ms. Lockley, Mr. Cain and Japan Florida Group, Inc. for giving us this wonderful opportunity.